What are the common issues VMware vSphere Administrator faces regularly?


What are the common issues VMware vSphere Administrator faces regularly?

Are you learning about vSphere and want to know what problems VMware vSphere Administrators often deal with? Well, as a VMware vSphere Administrator, I’ve faced a few common work and issues that you should know as an admin.

Common Challenges in ESXi and vCenter Administration’s life.

Issues with ESXi:
  • Esxi is disconnected from the vCenter server or you cannot connect to ESXi.
  • PSOD (Purple Screen of Death) occurrences
Challenges with Virtual Machines:
  • Failure to start or stop
  • Performance degradation
  • Corrupted VMX files
  • Boot failure post-OS patching
  • Problems with VM snapshots
  • Errors and failures during vMotion and s-vmotion processes
  • Issues related to independent disks and distributed switch deletions causing vMotion failures
Troubles with vCenter:
  • Inability to establish connections
  • Failures within vCenter services
  • Database-related complications
Storage Problems:
  • Datastore unavailability
  • All paths to data stores are down
  • Resignaturing the datastores
  • Grayed-out VMs
  • Orphaned VMs
  • Datastore inaccessibility
High Availability (HA) Concerns:
  • HA didn’t trigger after a host down
  • HA agent issues during ESXi server upgrades
  • VMs not restarting after host failure
Update Manager Challenges:
  • Remediation failures
  • Issues within the Update Manager database
Additionally, focusing on:
  • Troubleshooting ESXi performance using ESXTOP
  • Imagine if you have deleted the NVRAM or any other file, will the VM boot up?
  • Prerequisites for vCenter and ESXi
  • Database interoperability
  • ESXi/Hardware Upgrade process
  • Interoperability matrix VMware
  • Compatibility Matrix Vmware
  • The backend processes of Snapshot, vMotion, and sVmotion.
  • How FT works in Background.
  • Understanding HA processes including power-on, protected VMs, HB files, Moid checking process, and master election process.
  • Familiarity with NMP, PSP, SATP, MRU, RR, Fixed, ALUA
  • Knowledge of VMkfs tools cmdlets, ESXcli commands, and Vim-cmd commands
  • How to permit Domain Users on vCenter
  • How to access the VAMI portal.
  • ESXi and vCenter Upgrade Prerequisite and Process.


I hope you like this article! If you’re getting ready for a VMware interview or want to be a pro at managing VMware systems, these topics are super important. Learning about these things will make your interview easier and help you do well as a VMware administrator. Good luck with your prep!

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