Configure Core Dump for ESXI 7.0 or Later: Step-by-Step Guide


How to configure Core Dump after upgrading ESXI to 7.0 and later.

You have always encountered a warning message during ESXi host upgrade to 7.0 and laterNo core dump is configured.

What is core dump?

A core dump is like a snapshot of an ESXi host’s memory when something goes really wrong, like the Purple Screen Of Death (PSOD). When this happens, the memory’s status gets sent to a specific server, often the vCenter server.

These core dumps are super helpful because they contain information that helps figure out and fix whatever caused the ESXi host to show that scary purple screen.

How to configure Coredump with CLI?

Below are the steps to configure the core dump using the command line.

Step 1: Open Putty and log in to the Host.

Step 2: Run the below commands

esxcli storage filesystem list

filesystem list

You will see the list of file systems after running the command. Here we are going to configure coredump in VMFS Volume i.e. LOCKER-655f1e45-0b99265c-67f9-f40343d31e70

Now we will run the next command which we check if the core dump is configured or not.

esxcli system coredump file list

command output

 You will see a blank output or no output this means the core dump is not configured and to configure it we need to run the below command.

esxcli system coredump file add -d  VolumeName -f hostname -s 2000

esxcli system coredump file add -d  LOCKER-655eeb33-5687f5be-6371-f40343dca690 -f Hostname -s 2000

Next, we will run the previously run command to check if the core dump is added or not i.e.

esxcli system coredump file list


Note: For security reasons, I didn’t mention the hostname in the command you will have to mention the hostname or provide the desired name for the core dump.

volume add

If you see the above screenshot you will see the Volume has been added but not yet configured

Now last command we will run to configure it.

Coredump set

Now you will see the core dump is configured.

If you’ve found this helpful, sharing with friends can assist them in effectively managing ESXi host issues. Sharing knowledge is key to unlocking better solutions!


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