Top 10 Interview Questions for VMware vSphere L3 (2024)


Top 10 Interview Questions for VMware vSphere L3 (2024)

Advanced Networking:

  1. Describe NSX-T architecture and its components. Explain how it integrates with vSphere.
  2. Configure VLAN trunking between ESXi hosts and physical switches. Troubleshoot connectivity issues.
  3. Design and implement a secure multi-tenant network using VLANs, VXLANs, and security groups.
  4. Explain advanced routing concepts like BGP and ECMP in a vSphere environment.
  5. Troubleshoot network latency and performance issues in a distributed virtual switch environment.

Storage and Resource Management:

  1. Configure and manage vSAN for shared storage in a cluster. Explain its benefits and limitations.
  2. Explain different VM storage policies and how to optimize storage performance.
  3. Implement DRS with DRS clusters and affinity/anti-affinity rules for workload management.
  4. Explain HA and FT functionalities, compare their use cases, and configure them for high availability.
  5. Troubleshoot vSphere resource contention issues like CPU, memory, and storage oversubscription.


  • Discuss disaster recovery strategies for vSphere environments, including replication and backup solutions.
  • Share your experience with automation tools like PowerCLI or Ansible for managing vSphere.
  • Explain your understanding of the latest vSphere versions and upcoming features.


  • These are just examples; the specific questions will vary depending on the position and company.
  • Be prepared to explain your answers in detail and demonstrate your problem-solving skills.
  • Showcase your knowledge of best practices and industry trends.

Additional Tips:

  • Practice answering common vSphere interview questions beforehand.
  • Familiarize yourself with the latest vSphere documentation and release notes.
  • Highlight your relevant experience and certifications.
  • Be confident and enthusiastic about your skills and knowledge.

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